About Us


Our Vision

To provide healing, hope and restoration to women around the globe

Our Mission

To reach out to women with God’s healing power by providing achievable solutions that will make them assets to themselves and the society at large


Hadassah Healing Foundation (Hadassah) is a vision given by God and registered as a non-governmental organization {NGO} with a 5 man Board of Trustees of committed Christians who have great passion for the things of God and are strongly committed to the healing and restoration of women.

The Foundation is set to reach out to women all over the world, irrespective of their race, colour or religion. The wounded, abused, violated, battered, rejects, homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes amongst others are our target audience. It is a known fact that a lot of women, both young and old have issues they are battling with, without a ready solution to these problems, thereby making them liabilities to the society.

The name Hadassah is borne out of the book of Esther 2:7. Hadassah is the Hebrew childhood name of Esther which means crushed and thrown away, Hadassah can be likened to anyone that has been crushed by issues of life, relegated to the background or unproductive like a flower that has been trampled upon. Hadassah was a young orphan slave girl who had no clue of what tomorrow held for her. However, despite the circumstances she was surrounded by as a child, she eventually rose to STARDOM. Esther coincidentally means STAR.

It is our belief that inside every Hadassah, there is an Esther which can only be revealed in the process of time. That’s why the Foundation has risen up as a voice to encourage, mentor, strengthen heal, and bring forth potential Esthers into their destinies, restoring the ‘crushed’ women by helping their flowers to blossom again.

Locked up underneath the veils of some radiant looks is hurt, frustration and deep wound and our mandate is to see these women become assets to themselves and the society at large.


CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP: One major conference/workshop is held yearly with the aim of reaching out to these women. At these meetings, their specific needs are identified and steps are taken to attend to them accordingly.

COUNSELLING: Provison has been made for for physical, email or telephone counseling as may be required, with dedicated telephone lines as well as email addresses. We have come to realise that what some of these women need is a listening ear that would afterwards point them in the right direction and this is also why we are in existence.

REHABILITATION CENTER (HADASSAH FAMILY HOME): We are in desperate need of a rehabilitation center which will serve as transit home for a specific period of time where these women can be loved, cared for and empowered until they are able to find their feet again. However, what we currently do is to offer cash to pay for house rent for some of the affected women.

EMPOWERMENT: Our belief is that every woman has something to offer herself and the society. To this effect, these women are usually encouraged to enroll in a vocational school or further their education so as to improve their lot. Some of them are set up in small scale businesses.

VISITATION TO THE PRISON: We periodically visit the women wing of the prison to donate items (as specified) to them as well as prepare the ‘soon to be released’ inmates for the real world.

VISITATION TO THE BROTHELS: We have come across a few women who are ‘ignorantly’ in the business of prostitution just because of lack and some of these ones are ready to quit , so we have taken it as an assignment to depopulate the brothels as much as possible by sharing the love of Christ, attending to their material needs and eventually rehabilitating those that are willing to quit the business.

WELFARE: We also offer general welfare such as medical support , provision of foodstuff, living allowance, personal needs etc for some of these women. Usually this might be for a specific period of time or just one time support.