Hadassah Anthem

Hadassah Foundation reaching the world, wounded and broken daughters of the earth.

Hadassah Foundation heed the clarion call

Come and be part of this great harvesters of souls

Come my sisters

Come my friends

Let’s pour a little oil

Cover them with blanket

Give them a home

For the hope of tomorrow

It’s worth the sacrifice



A natural woman she was, blessed with every thing a woman longed for
Then suddenly her purple rose turned black
And everything she thought she had was gone,
Where do I run to, who do I turn to
Then suddenly she turned back to her God.


Naomi 2x
Her cross was heavy, so heavy to carry all alone
Naomi 2x God wiped away her tears turned her sorrow to joy.

VS 2
Have you been trusting, hoping, believing
Or even fasting, praying and trusting
Still the clouds hasn’t changed,
You say how much time I have
Wait my sister wait your song will change to day this very hour


Like Naomi, Naomi
Your cross is heavy, so heavy to carry all alone
Like Naomi, Naomi
God will wipe away your tears and turn your sorrows to joy.


Once upon a time from this well I drew water,
Soon, I’m back again to draw
There I met Jesus, and He gave sweet water,
Of life and I have this to say.


My life is changed this is my story
Oh his grace found me oh my story
Oh how he changed me and sanctified me
This is my story now it’s a song.

VS 2

Confused and depressed from the blood that flowed each day
Twelve years I was all alone
Then I met Jesus, pressed through to touch the hem, of His
Garment and now
I have been made whole

This is my story 2 xs
You tell a story
You’ll sing a song
Of how He saved you and sanctified you
You’ll tell a story and sing a song.
This is my story 3x
Now it’s a song
Oh his grace found me and sanctified me
This is my story now it’s a song.

songs written & composed by Veronique Nwani.