From Glory to Glory – 2015 HHF LAGOS CONFERENCE

HHF 2015 Lagos Conference

10 years of Faith and Grace…

Just like yesterday, It’s already a decade since the seed of Hadassah Healing Foundation was buried in the soil of faith and obedience without knowing what the future held. No doubt, its been a journey of mountains and valleys, but in all of these, one thing remained constant- The FAITHFULNESS OF GOD.  To Him alone be all glory, honor and praise.

The number 10 speaks of wholeness and completeness of order . It’s been ten years of the SUPERNATURAL, with SIGNS and WONDERS following. Our story is like that of the righteous man, with our path shinning brighter and brighter…

There is a positive shift coming your way.  Believe me, this is the season we all have been waiting for. A new day is dawning in the history of mankind and Hadassah has been positioned to carry this grace. I congratulate you for being a partaker of this anointing. You may have seen so many moves of the spirit or felt so many touches from the Lord, but this one is different.  You are right in an ‘unlikely season’ experiencing an unprecedented move of God’s spirit that will culminate into aTransgenerational Blessing.

In the book of Ezekiel 47, the Prophet writes about a vision of rising waters flowing from the temple of God, forming a river deep enough to swim in. The waters rose from ankle to knee level, from knee to waist and up to a level too deep for the Prophet to either stand or walk in.  That river was for the cleansing, refreshing, nourishing, provision and restoration of everything that it touched. The river brought life all around it, water in the desert, purification of the dead sea, fish for fishermen and evergreen trees for food and healing.  I implore you by the mercies of God to prepare your heart and be expectant. The river of God is flowing, ready to accomplish infinitely more than you might ask or think. God is about to exceed all expectations. Perhaps you are looking to Him to take you just one or two steps higher, or maybe all you need is a touch; be encouraged, God has planned a complete override of your desire, and wants to supersede the “norm” to make way for the supernatural. When the river flowed in Ezekiel 47, naturally, you would have expected it to move from waist level to perhaps shoulder level, but not so with GOD as there was such a remarkable acceleration of the flow.  Last year God revealed his “Awesome Glory “, and testimonies from the conference are still coming in.

Despite all odd, its truly been  From Glory to Glory.

I can’t end this without appreciating my Lapidoth and confidant – C.M-D. Lamai and ofcourse my committed Board of Trustees and indefatigable Partners-You have been the wind underneath my wings.   May the God of your fathers make you a thousand times more than you currently are.

Get ready to hear A NEW SOUND

Pictures from the 2015 conference

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