Glory be to God for the FRESHWIND He sent our direction on Saturday November 21 at the Hadassah Women Prayer and Care Fellowship, an arm of Hadassah Healing Foundation. He didn’t just show up but surpassed our expectations. To say it was a colourful meeting will be an understatement. Also to say that God showered us with His presence will not fully describe what we experienced.

It was a meeting of the latter glory surpassing the former. God’s presence was undeniably strong with signs following. The women came in droves and were hungry not for food but for a touch from heaven and the good news is, they we fed.

Thank God for the many souls won into His kingdom. That was indeed the highlight of the day.

We also thank Him for the prophetic grace at work. We are grateful for the healings and deliverances.

To God alone we return all the glory.

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