Founder &

Pastor Adenike Olubunmi Lamai

Pastor Nike (as fondly called) is an administrator par excellence, with almost 3 decades of vast experience in Administration and People Management.

Prior to her resignation in 2015, she worked in the oil and gas sector of the economy, a career she started right after her youth service program (NYSC) in 1993. She rose to become the Head of Administrative Services covering Lagos, Izombe (Imo State), Port-Harcourt & Abuja locations.

Her 24 years of meritorious service cuts across people management, immigration services, travel management, facilities management, event management, employees’ medical services and general administration.

Pastor Nike, born to the family of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Gladys Fagbemi, spent most of her childhood days in Lagos, Nigeria where she attended nursery, primary and secondary school.

She holds a first degree in History and a Master’s degree in Industrial & Labour Relations. She is also a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Pastor Nike is married to pastor C.M-D Lamai, senior pastor of The Maker’s Church in Lagos, Nigeria, where she also pastors with him. Her Husband has been very supportive of this vision and continues to provide required guidance and support. 

The spirit of giving and caring for others was imbibed in her from childhood by her mother who ensured everyone around her had some level of comfort. She picked this from her and continued with the legacy but little did she know this seed would someday give birth to something great.

God expounded this great commission and caused the seed to grow with a greater passion to go in search of and reach out to hurting women in our society, the wounded, the widowed, the homeless, the abused, the rejects, the needy and a host of others. There’s been a burning desire in her heart to see these women totally healed and restored.



In 2005, she established Hadassah Healing Foundation as an NGO to look after the wellbeing of womenfolk; an organisation which is currently being funded by individual contributions. The Foundation has reached out to several women without consideration for their colour, race or religion; meeting varying needs of thousands of women spanning across 3 continents (Africa, Asia & Europe), supporting them in different capacities comprising of welfare support scheme (for widows, orphans, etc), medical support scheme, scholarship support scheme (from cradle to university level), business support scheme, community support projects to mention but a few.

Pastor Nike is a very simple, prudent, focused and God fearing woman.

 She’s a woman of excellence who strongly believes anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. Above all, she derives joy in giving and making others happy. Little wonder God planted this great seed in her, a vision she started running by faith in obedience to God’s call with her salary, but today, the Foundation has touched many women (and families by extension) and is still reaching out to many more.

She believes every woman should be an asset and NOT a liability to the society.

In her words “life is not worth living, if not lived for others”.


Pastor Adenike Olubunmi Lamai