Healing Testimonies


I was barren for 6 years and the Lord blessed me with a baby girl two years ago. Last year, I had another baby. I want to thank God for bringing Hadassah across my way. Since they came into my life, my life has taken a new turn.
If you had seen me two years ago, I don’t think I would have been recognized. My brothers and sisters, poverty is a disease!
Hadassah brought me out of poverty, they blessed my life. Thank you Lord for bringing Pst Adenike Lamai into the world for us the women.

Sister Faith

I want to bless God because I’m one of the people who like to prove God in every area of my life, I am like Thomas in a way but I thank God for this ministry. I met Pst Adenike in February in England and she came over in May for the last year’s conference in London and ever since then she’s been praying and speaking into my life.
Between May and now, God has blessed me financially every month through different people, people have been giving me hundreds of pounds without asking them. In England, people don’t give money, they can’t give a pound so if someone gives you a hundred, three hundred, five hundred pounds without asking them, that’s just God in action, it was Him who moved them to do so and I believe it’s because of the little seed I’ve sown into Hadassah Healing Foundation ministry but somehow these seeds are coming back in folds.
I was believing God for this journey and normally you are expected to give but guess what God has done, it’s the other way around. I’ve come here super excited about what God is going to do today and God has been sending people my way.
I tell you this is a good ground to sow, if you’re looking for where to sow, please sow in this ministry and God will multiply it.
Spiritually, God has moved me higher, He has moved me to a new level in my spiritual life, and God is allowing me to see his Grace even in my humble life. So I just encourage every one of you to believe God for something big today and He will multiply it over back to you. Praise God!


Mrs Funke Omotosho

She was involved in an accident a day before the conference. When she got into the conference hall, she couldn’t wear her shoes or walk well. As Pst Nike passed by, she laid her hand on her, and all of a sudden, she began to walk and could now wear her shoes. To God alone be the glory!


At last year’s conference a woman came out with a child testifying and giving God praise, where I sat down, I said to God that if He will also bless me like this woman, I will come back next year and testify of His goodness. It happened that I was pregnant last year but due to some complications, I had to go through a caesarian section, and two days after, precisely on the 21st of May the child went to be with the Lord. When I came to Hadassah conference last year, I was very broken and not happy but I prayed fervently to the Lord at that conference and the Lord answered. When I got back to Benin, three months after I went for a scan and I discovered the Lord answered me that same month of September. The doctors told me I might not be able to give birth naturally and that there might be an eruption if I try to. I was very scared and from time to time, I was always in touch with Pst. Nike because I was afraid and sent me a lot of text messages, called me, and encouraged me.
A lot of times I was unable to pray, I was only leaning on Pst Nike’s grace. To be precise on the 21st of this year, exactly one year that the first child went to be with the Lord, the Lord did wonders and I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy through a natural process. Praise God!v


Mrs Stella Ejike

I want to thank God for bringing Pst. Nike across my life, by the grace of God I work here at the BALMORAL HALL $ EVENT CENTRE. In 2008, the first event Hadassah Healing Foundation held here, Pst Nike prayed for me, she did the same at the 2009 conference but in 2010 during her ministration, she called me and prophesy over me and as if that wasn’t enough, she held me after the conference and prayed heartily for me. 2011 September 3rd, there was a guy who came to my church, he saw me and said he would like to have a word with me but there was no time, I don’t know where he got my number but he called me that day and I told him, there’s a program going on at my office, if he’s interested in seeing me, he could meet me up here. To the glory of God 10th September 2010, while the conference was going on, a guy came in here and he was blessed. After the conference that day doing other things, Pst Nike saw me again but this time she didn’t pray but only asked “How far?” I said to her, ma, a young man is waiting for me in the office, let me go and see him, I will get back ma.
By the grace of God, on December 28th, this young man travelled down to my place in the eastern part of Nigeria to see my parent, we did our introduction on April 9th, 2012, and our traditional marriage on August 18th, and the real one is coming soon. To God be the glory!

Mrs Grace Oyale

In 5 months, it will be exactly 20years since I lost my husband. I’ve developed high blood pressure due to the trauma and issues that arose from my in-laws.
I came with my daughter to Lagos on Friday for Hadassah Healing Conference. And that same Friday night, I had an attack to the extent that I wasn’t feeling half part of my body. I was paralyzed. I also noticed that I had rashes all over my body. I had to pretend nothing was wrong with me because my daughter would be worried if she found out, so I covered my body with a veil to hide the rashes.
At the conference on Saturday, as Pst Nike was ministering, I felt a cold sensation all over my body, and as I checked my body, I found out that the rashes had all gone. I was so surprised, my skin was all cleared, no more rashes, not only that, the Lord healed me of 20years of hypertension. Since the conference till-date, I have not taken the hypertensive drugs. Praise the Lord!
I have an Aunt called Aunty Serah. She has been believing God for the fruit of the womb for over ten years since she had her first child, but no baby was forthcoming.
Last year while I was coming for the Hadassah Healing Conference, she called me and asked that I pray for her at the conference. When I got to the conference, I discovered that a lot of people were testifying for the fruit of the womb, so I increased my faith by believing God for my aunt, while Pst Nike was ministering, I held my tummy as a point of contact to my aunt. I received all the word the woman of God prophesied on all those seeking the fruit of the womb, after the conference I called her and said to her to start buying things for her new baby that the Lord has heard her cry. Just last week Monday she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl after waiting for ten years. The God of Hadassah is indeed good. Glory!


Sis Efe Igbuzor

While Pst Nike was ministering at the SABO NGIDA-ORA CONFERENCE, she asked everyone to dance. I joined in obeying the instruction and danced like never before, not knowing that the Lord was saving my husband where he was in Lagos. When we got back to the place where we lodged, I discovered I had had about 20 missed calls from my husband. I was worried, so I had to call back. He said the God of Hadassah had just saved him. While I was dancing at the conference, my husband was held captive by armed robbers from 5 pm to 12 midnight to be their driver for an operation round Lagos to Ibadan. I want to thank God that my husband was delivered. He was not killed or accused of taking part in the crime. I return all the glory to the God of Hadassah for saving my husband and setting him free from the den of armed robbers. Praise God!

Bro Michael

I have been with Hadassah for awhile. I had this belief that any miracle that will happen here is only meant for the women and not me. I just stayed on the keyboard and do my thing but this last conference we held at SABO NGIDA-ORA Pst Nike asked us to dance and while I was playing the keyboard, I told God about how I needed Him to intervene on my behalf. There was a man I worked for who refused to pay me, each time I call or go to his office; he was always giving one excuse or the other. I was supposed to see this man the week of the conference so I was contemplating whether to come here or go for my money; I finally decided to come to this conference.
After the conference, I asked a friend to help me go meet the man and collect the money on my behalf with faith in my heart. The man paid my money with an addition on it, I’ve returned to give the God of HADASSAH all the praise for this miraculous act.


Mrs Nanson

Sometimes last year when I was pregnant with my last baby, I did a scan in December and the doctor told me I had fibroid, I didn’t answer him, he said it the second time but I pretended as if he wasn’t talking to me because I believe I can never have fibroid, so I told the doctor it’s not me, that it’s a mistake.
After I delivered my baby, reality dawned on me and I began to trust God for healing. We were at Hadassah Healing Foundation Partners’ VIGIL, Pst Adenike Lamai was just praying and the Spirit of God ministered to her that we do some crazy things in the Lord, I joined in obedience and I never knew God was going to use that spiritual exercise, and simple obedience to heal me. Something strange started happening to me, I started doing things I couldn’t do before.
I had to go to the hospital after 3weeks for a checkup, lo and behold! There was no fibroid. To God be the glory.

Angie Kalengayi

I came to 2013 Hadassah from London. I had faith in God for a lot of things. While the woman of God was ministering, I keyed in to what the Holy Spirit was doing that day. I have been having this issue for some time now since I gave birth to my youngest child. I could no longer hold my bowels since I had my last child. Whenever I come to any gathering, the first thing I do is to locate the toilet because I know I will use the restroom frequently.
I came to the conference believing God for many things. I was ashamed of this particular issue. I didn’t want anybody to know that I was going through that, the conference went on and finished, on that very day, from the morning that to came into the conference hall, I drank about six bottles of water but at the end of the conference after everything had finished was when I realized that I’ve been drinking water and I haven’t had any need to go to the toilet. My healing took place that very day, and from then till today, I’ve been made whole.


Mrs. Edward’s baby was stooling for about 6 months, the ailment seemed to have defiled all medical attention and the baby kept emaciating. however, during the 2015 conference, while pastor Nike was ministering, the baby became restless and started screaming. the mother quickly took him to the restroom to check his diaper and to her greatest surprise, she found (in her words) ‘over a hundred worms’ in the baby’s diaper. as soon as she was done cleaning him up, the baby became calm and that was the end of the ailment. no more doctor’s appointments- Jesus did it once and for all!

Felicia had suffered a “female-related ailment” that she had nursed secretly for years and couldn’t share with anyone including her husband. but at the 2015 conference, God touched her and she received her total healing and deliverance.

Funmilola, a young married woman who for some years had stopped seeing her menstrual period was at the Ogijo PCF in July. during ministration, the Holy Spirit led Pst Nike to mention her case, and to her surprise when she got home that same night her period started flowing and has since normalized.


A pregnant woman who had passed her due date of delivery but was scared to be operated on was at the Ogijo PCF in July. during the ministration, Pst Nike called out all the pregnant women, laid hands on them, and declared they would bring forth speedily. this particular woman fell into labour the next morning and had her baby naturally.

Fatima’s husband left her and her children for a strange woman. she attended the Magbon PCF meeting in June and prayed earnestly for the restoration of her marriage. miraculously, a few days later (less than a week), she received a call from her mother-in-law asking her to come over to the family house. Getting there, her husband was waiting. he pleaded sincerely for reconciliation and this happened almost immediately. Her husband made up for the lost years by showering her with lots of gifts and love. This definitely can only be God and God alone!



Mrs Nanson

I got married as a virgin in 2013, I got pregnant immediately after my wedding, and my delivery was stress-free. When my baby was nine months old, I lost my husband in a ghastly accident; I was a year three student of UNIPORT when the incident happened. As a result of this, I couldn’t further my education. I was sad and depressed that I even wished to die, up to the point of attempting suicide, even when I relocated to Lagos. I have attempted suicide thrice because I didn’t see any reason to be alive, a member of my church (Rev. Femi Fashina) invited me to Hadassah Healing Conference. After the conference, I had hope. I have not attempted any suicide since then. I pray that the God of HADASSAH will heal me completely from a broken heart and do wonders in my life. Amen.

Mr Saliu

In affirmation to Pst Adenike Lamai’s prophetic declaration, all my worries and the pains in my body disappeared even before I left the conference.  I woke up this morning feeling so great! To God be the Glory!