Dear Hadassah Partners, This is to say a big thank you for believing in this vision

More so for your support in various ways over the past couple of months. I sincerely appreciate your dedication to the message of this Foundation which is a message of love, hope and restoration to women all around the globe irrespective of their colour, race or religion.

Our passion is to see every woman become an asset to herself, her society and the world at large. In about two years of our existence, we have wiped tears off the faces of some of these women and caused great transformations in their lives.

Should have a passion like ours, we use this medium to appeal for your financial support to enable us fulfill this mandate of reaching out to and bettering the lives of as many women as possible thereby making the society a better place.

You will be amazed at how far your contributions can positively affect and change the destiny of a woman.

Your partnership with us helps in no small way to give hope to the hopeless.

Help a woman today and change the world!!!

All cheques are payable to Hadassah Healing Foundation or you can pay directly into any of our bank accounts

Account Name :Hadassah Healing Foundation

ACCESS BANK PLC :0690669499