Prison & Correctional Centers

Re-assuring Hope
Re-building The Broken
Restoring Lives

Our priority is to win prison inmates and disciple them in God’s word. Hence reach out and identify with prisoners and ex-prisoners  showing them love that the gospel of Jesus christ is able to make the difference in their lives. We have programs around the world that are proven to restore prisoners’ lives and integrate them back into the community—for good!.

We assist chaplains with Bibles, tracts, literature, audios, videos and counseling that will help transform the inmates by the power of Jesus Christ.


Our about

No One Alive Is Beyond Redemption.

There’s NO life that our Lord Jesus Christ cannot transform. We know that but many prisoners don’t. Many prisoners out there have NO idea that God is willing and ready to forgive them and wash them clean of their sins. 

Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ can transform the vilest offender if he truly accepts the finished work of Calvary. But how would they understand if NO one takes the time to explain to them in a language they can understand?

That’s what the Prison & Correctional Center arm of Hadassah  Healing Foundation is all about

God loves ALL.
Even the most outcast.

With your help, we can restore hope and share God’s redeeming grace with prisoners around the world.